Theatre : The Rediscovery of Style and other Writings (2009)

Theatre : The Rediscovery of Style and other Writings, edited by Jane Baldwin, Routledge Theatre Classics, 2009.
Michel Saint-Denis was one of the twentieth-century theatre’s most influential directors and theorists. This book combines his seminal Theatre: The Redicovery of Style with material from Training for the theatre, newly edited to create a work that moves seamlessly from theory to practice.

Theatre: The Rediscovery of Style and Other Writings benefits from Jane Baldwin’s new biographical introduction and annotations, that put Saint-Denis into context for a contemporary audience. It brings a wealth of inspirational material to both the rehearsal space and the classroom.

Jane Baldwin is a leading expert on Saint-Denis. She is a theatre historian at the Boston Conservatory, and author of Michel Saint-Denis and the Shaping of the Modern Actor.

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